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Wing Cube Loading (WCL) Calculator

The WCL of a model should ideally be the same as that of it's full-size equivalent if scale flight performance is to be achieved. Very high power military aircraft are very difficult to model at scale speed, therefore most scale modelers prefer to build fighter planes on the light side at about half the scale weight and half the scale power.

Enter the Wing Area(in square inches) and the Flying Weight (in ounces) of the model and click the «Calculate» button to give the answers in the next two boxes. (Note: Neither figure can remain at 0).

Wing Area = sq. in.


        Weight (oz.)        
Weight = oz.

(Wing Area (sq. ft.))1.5

Wing Area = dm2
Weight = g
Wing Loading =

oz. / sq. ft.

Wing Cube Loading =

Suggested suitable values for WCL are:

Gliders - under 4
Trainers - 6 to 7
Aerobatic - 9 to 10
Scale - 12 to 13
Racers - 15 and over

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