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Brief History of the Club:
Letterkenny Model Flying Club, was first setup back in the mid 80's. Regular flying then was conducted at the 'Big Isle' on the manorcunningham side of Letterkenny. A site which was well known by many as a great flying site and famous for the large flyins that once took place there.

In the earlly '90's the 'Big Isle' site became no longer available, and model flying was then scattered out in private fields around the county, and only since about 2001 did any regular model flying take place again.

In 2006 the Letterkenny Model Flying Club was reformed with the airstrip outside Letterkenny town becoming it's base mainly for Sunday flying up until 2010.

The Club now fly at a private strip in Carnone (outside convoy/raphoe) during the week and on Saturdays when the weather permit. The club also has a float plane site that is used occasionally in the summer evenings.
Many of the members also fly regular with the members of the North West Model Flying club in new buildings Co. Derry as do they with us.

Types of models flown range from shocky's (indoor electric models) to turbine jets, and there is also a big interest in 3D helicopter flying with some of out Junior members.

The Club is affiliated to the Model Aeronautics Council of Ireland (MACI) who look after model flying regulations in Ireland. This gives each of the club Members, Third Party Insurance Cover, for flying thier models.

This website is written by Me :-) Seamus O'Donnell I can no longer refer to Seamus's Stearman etc as we now have four Seamus's in the club!!So name will be Seamus G's etc or in my case maybe written as me or my !



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