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Mishaps do Happen and here are some of them !

For some reason they are mainly Prangsters, and always seem to get stuck nose in.


Shane is in this hedge alot!

Another Prangster in the Hedge!

The Clubs youngest member Shane McGowan did'nt have much luck on his first day out with his new heli !

VMAR L39 went in at New Buildings, going to fix it some wet evening !

I think Shane was prop-hanging too low again

"I know I made a big enough mess of it shane but you dont have to kick it !"

Christophers Sceadu in the early days before he got good !

Now we know why a fire extinguisher is needed with turbines ! Tail of My Bobcat had a bit of a Hot Start

I think Andrew is ringing the firebrigade to rescue Roy's Prangster

Trees and Prangsters dont mix!

Roy's Prangster looking a bit bent

Christophers Prangster, flew again later that day !

My prangster, shovel Needed !

This is what happens when you fly too low inverted ! My ME109 was flying again 2 weeks later after a bit of glue!

Stanley trying to extract his Prangster from the ground with Andrew Chambers helping out. I think they need a rope !


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