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2007 Events


Eskragh Lough Splash-IN 6th October 2007


Eskragh Lough Splash-In organised by the Dungannon Club had a great turnout with a good selection of models.

The conditions were so good, even a float equiped shockie flew !

Super Cub on Floats

Gordon's float equipped

Big 1/3 scale Cub of John McGonagle

Seamus's Electric Catalina

Gordon's Turbine Heli

Another nice J3 Cub

 * * * *

Aerobatic Championships new Buildings 16th September 2007


Annual Aerobatics Competition at NWMAC New Buildings Derry

Andrew from the Letterkenny Club flying his Fellowship

 * * * *

Dungannon Fly-In 15th September 2007


Some of the flyers and thier models
from Letterkenny that turned up at Dungannon.

Three Big Petrol Aerobatic Models powered by DA100's

Some turbine jets in attendance

More models

Letterkenny's young lads on the flight line, Eric enjoying the flying !

Tom Longs Fokker D8 and others

 * * * *

Autumn Fly-In at Letterkenny 9th September 2007


First Fly-In at Letterkenny since the old days at the Big Isle and going by the turnout was as popular as it used to be. A big range of models were flown all day, electric doodle bugs and heli's, aerobatic models, large scale models, scale heli's and turbine jets.

More of the Models that attended

Another view of the pit area

 * * * *

Jet World Masters 2007 at Enniskillen

Click on this link for the pictures from the Jet World Masters 
 * * * *

Various JWM Practice evenings during June At Enniskillen


Seamus's Jet Legand T45 Goshawk in bare form at Enniskillen

Phelim's T33 Shooting Star wren 54 powered.

Mathew taxing back the wren 44 powered L39 with lights on

Stanley checking to see if Roberts P80 Boomerang is up to his standard !

Roberts Wren 54 powered Jet legend T45 Goshawk,
Taxing to start it's maiden flight

Seamus & Stanley get the JetJoe Powered AMD Hawk ready for it's maiden flight, Overlooked by the N.Ireland Jet Team.

Gordons L39, Roberts T45 Goshawk & Seamus's AMD Hawk.

Start box trial run, with the L39 and two boomerangs

Gordon flying his L39, it is out there somewhere !
Great view of just how good enniskillen is for flying jets, we were lucky to get the use of it on the run up to the JWM.

 * * * *

JWM Practice Day at Letterkenny 22nd April 2007


First Visitors in 2007 to the Club was the N. Ireland Jet Team who were taking part in the Jet World Masters 2007 Robert, Mathew, and Harry shown here

Robert in a Knife edge fly by

Grass strip had only its second cut but the jets still were able to fly off it.

Gordon and Harry get the Wren44 L39 ready for flight

L39 Coming in for a Landing

Phelim on the sticks being aided by Colm & Mathew

Nice steady approach by N.Irelands No.1 Jet Pilot :-)

Another successful flight

Boomerang Formation Flying !

Hey Phelim Cathal is flying your Boomerang !

 * * * *

JWM Practice Day at Ballymoney 14th April 2007


Northern Ireland Jet Team, The models shown were used for practice not the competition models

Phelims Boomerang

John's Mig and F16 prop jets

Some of the models that turned up.

Well the Full size had a turbine in it !

Nice Big R22 heli turned up too.

 * * * *

JWM Practice Day at Dungannon 24th March 2007


Dungannon Jet day got a very good turnout

Stanley taking it easy and enjoying the flying


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