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Selection of photo's from the the old flyins at the Big Isle
1989-91 and some other old pics I have found.


There used to be some big turnouts at the flyins at the Big Isle.
This one is around April 1991

Brian Flanagan and his Catalina twin Saito 80 four strokes. I believe it is now hung up in a pub somewhere in Enniskillen

1/3rd Scale Byron Pitts belonging to Robert Graham & the 1/3rd Scale Byron Christian Eagle of Brian Flanagan

Bernard Boyce with his 1/4 scale Cub and big 12ft span shown Telemaster below right.

Arrival of Hugh McLean in his Aeronca Champ and the low level display at one of the fly-Ins, is still talked about today.

John McGonagle with his Big 1/3rd Scale Piper Cub, still flying well

Peter lamb about to fly Brain Flanagans lovely Hurricane

Brian Giving his blessing to Peter's Tartan Twin powered Laser.
Below that peter flying Davy's very nice DC3 Dakota

The early days (1990) of Ducted Fan, Brian's with his Bob Parkinson vector Eagle on left, Peter with the Byron Kfir bottom left and Seamus's Bob Parkinson Vector Eagle in the group of models on the right.

More of Brian Flanagans excellent built models. Big Spitfire on the left, 1/5th Scale Waco below left and a Big 80" Zero below right.

Brian & George with their Northstars on Lough Erne


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