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Club Gallery 2010

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Fri 3th-Sun 5th December 2010

2010 went out with the same bang it came in with lots of snow and Trusk lough frozen once again.

So LMFC made a trip to it's winter flying site for some Sking fun over the weekend.

The members below on the Saturday and Sunday

Some of the models on the Saturday, Prangsters out in force some with ski's fitted.

Chris hovering inverted with the Trex

Don't ask how Shanes Prangster ended up here!

Shauns Funcub flying along nicely, the big wheels handled the snow covered lake very well.

All the Gibsons prangsters have been fitted with corriboard ski's since and work very well

 * * * * * *


Draperstown 21st November 2010

Mass Prangster takeoff at draperstown, resulted in a few misshaps as seen below!

 * * * * * *


Carnone 20th November 2010

Shauns's New Multiplex FunCub

Good gang at Carnone on Saturday enjoying the good flying weather.

Seamus Gibsons Astro Hog

 * * * * * *


Draperstown 13th November 2010

Robert had a really nice Hangar9 Taylorcraft with him that he was test flying for a customer. Zenoah 23cc

 * * * * * *


Draperstown 17th October 2010

The AMD Hawk was out for a test flight on Sunday and went really well, looking forward to clock up some more flights with it.

Video of the flight on LMFC youtube channel here

 * * * * * *


Carnone 2nd October 2010

Shane Bought himself this wing at the Omagh Auction the night before and had great fun flying it on Saturday.

Ryan the club's newest member with the trainer he got at the Omagh Auction just after it's first flight.

 * * * * * *


Draperstown 26th September 2010

Peter's new Boomerang fitted with a Jetcat P70

There was the usual smell of kerosene at Draperstown on Sunday but day the belonged to the vinatge models which were all out in force.

Nigel had two vintage models with him and looked great in the evening sun.

Seamus McNally had his lovely Magnatila

I brought out the 25yr old OS25 powered Fokker D8, which "flights" were eventful to say the least!

See below how to do a low knife edge pass :-)

Derek's SE5A coming in over the hedge

 * * * * * *


Saturday 7th August 2010 Carnone

Shane trying to see how low can you go Knife edge with the prangster

Couple of new Bench's have arrived

 * * * * * *


Saturday 22nd May 2010 Carnone

Took about an hour to get Stanleys Panic down from a tree that grabbed it when it flew past!

Very luckily managed to get it free and lowered to the ground with no damage.

The big petrol powered T240 got a flight or two as well on Saturday

 * * * * * *


Friday 21st May 2010 Trusk Lough

Myself and Stan went up to Trusk on Friday Eve for a bit of float flying

Last time we flew here it was covered in Ice !

 * * * * * *


Shane & Chris at 3DX Ireland 2010 Here

Draperstown Sunday 9th May 2010

Christopher & Shane were left to practice hard for the 3DX next week, and Seamus & Ciaran Gibson and myself went to Draperstown for the day.

Sunday was real nice again, we have been very lucky the past couple of months every weekend has been great for flying, lets hope it continues as there is a busy flying calendar ahead!

It was a bit of a Biplane day and Robert had out his Huge Balsa USA 1/3rd Scale Stearman for its first flight.

It is 116" span and fitted with a Moki 250cc 5 cylinder radial with the most incredable sound when ticking over.

The Big Stearman Climbing out on it's first flight of many on Sunday. Nigel has the strip in great shape.

Robert checking all the flying wires before the next take off.

The Big Stearman completed over an hours flying on Sunday to meet the Large Model Registration requirements and was signed off fit to fly by the LMA Inspectors.

Ian Robb brought a couple of nice War birds but unfortuantly we never got to see them fly!

Seamus & Ciaran Gibson's Prangsters chasing each other around the sky

 * * * * * *


Sunday 2nd May 2010

Robin had been saying for us to go and fly at his strip at Killygordon for some time and with the past month being so busy with events and flyins we never got the chance!

So this Sunday seen the usual crew at Gillespie International for a days flying.

Shane and Chris brought a lawn mower to cut the microlight strip a bit wider, and with a few more cuts in the next few weeks it will be looking good.

Christopher got in some practice for the up coming 3DX in Waterford

The field over the hedge seen a few "arrivals" mainly due to the strong cross wind

Shane refining his routine now that he is an offical demo pilot at the fly-in's!

Christophers new indoor flying site

 * * * * * *


Carnone Saturday 1st May 2010

The 1st May brought a nice day again at Carnone. Grass is starting
to look good again after the winter.

 * * * * * *


Carnone Saturday 24th April 2010

Saturday at Carnone was NI Aerobatics practise day and Gordon and Ken came down from Kesh to help out.

Gordon's watching carefully as Christopher goes through the schedule.

Ciaran Gibson had out his new Prangster with a interesting scheme! We have to do another one now in Black & white stripes so he has something to chase around the sky!

Toby the Carnone mascot is keeping an eye on things

Stanley also had a new prangster out for test flying, Irvine 46 powered.

Gordon concentrating hard on his schedule for Ballymoney on Sunday.

Chris is trying to catch Toby before he eats Gordons Yak as he has a thing for electric models!

 * * * * * *


18th April 2009 Grant Capell Memorial Fly-In go to Here for report


Carnone Saturday 17th April 2010

Saturday at Carnone tested out Christopher and Shanes latest model for the aerobatic Scene, 61 powered Spin Doctor which has been recently recovered and pimped up with some graphics!

 * * * * * *


Sunday 28th March 2010 Kesh

Good turnout at Kesh on Sunday, and lots of flying done, even if Harry did't turn up and went to Draperstown on his own !

TJ's selection of Trex helis in matching colour schemes !

The CG Ultimate out again after it's tailplane incident !

 * * * * * *


Sunday 21st March 2010

Good turnout on Sunday, it was cold but nice for flying

Shane with his new LQ heli, inverted auto's now down to the ground !

 * * * * * *


Saturday 13th March 2010

Saturday saw the first outing of my ex Robert Graham Carl Goldberg Ultimate, powered by a OS61RF pumped engine and pipe.
Real nice to fly, might even do some aero's this year !

Those boys are always up to something with the prangsters !

 * * * * * *


Sunday 7th March 2010

Beautiful day and a good turn out on Sunday at Draperstown

Peter had a really nice Hanger9 RV8 with him, fly's well and looks good in the air.

Robert and Harry done some flying together with their electric Sebart Miss Wind Bipes

Harry's Carden Yak with still some snow showing on the hill in the background.

Dereks nice little SE5A looked great when lit up by the evening sun.

 * * * * * *


Saturday 6th March 2010

There is no stopping Christopher & Shane from going flying, might not be old enough yet to drive a car but at sixteen you can drive a tractor so they rigged up a trailer for the models !

Might take 50mins every Sunday to get to Letterkenny but they dont care, they are mobile.
Plan is now to go around cutting lawns to earn some money to spend on models.

Chris out with his new Trex 600
Both Chris and Shane recon it is nicer to fly than the Raptor 50 and they can get more pitch +/- 14.5deg, for the crazy 3D stuff they do.

After a couple of flights they had it tweaked up and up to the old tricks.

 * * * * * *


Saturday 20th February 2010

The Clubs youngest member Shane McGowan did'nt have much luck on his first day out with his new heli !

 * * * * * *


Sunday 24th January 2010

Great days flying on Sunday, with the snow now gone and the weather looking good before the weekend a few calls were made and the familular faces turned up from the Sister Club !

Five Different Jets flew, four big petrol models and usual mix of sport and electric models, with everyone having a good time with the sky filled all day, hardly even time for tea!

Robert heading out with the big extra, there was plenty of big petrol model flying and Harry's face was a picture when Mathew was prop hanging his Carden Yak close to the ground !

I seen five prangsters up fighting at one time and We also managed to get three jets airborne together, which sounded great.

 * * * * * *


Fri 8th-Sun 10th January 2010

What a weekend, -12c, more snow, and a first for many to see Lough Trusk outside Ballybofey frozen solid.

When we heard the lake was frozen, first thing came to mind was we could fly off that ! So off we went on Friday afternoon.
Lough Trusk is our local Floatplane site so we have flown there before.

What a flying site, perfectly flat, the ice is 10" thick in places and just about 1" of snow on the top, you can land anywhere!

The wooden pier in the background behind Stanley is where we normally stand when flying off the water !

And yes they are car tracks in the pic below on the right, car tracks were seen right across the middle.

Shane and Chris have two new parakites (30euro jobbies on ebay!) and looked great flying over the snow covered lake in the blue sky.

The conditions were so good flying continued, right until the sunset over the frozen lake which was quite a sight.

With an opertunity like this the cars were loaded for Saturday, and after sitting in the car for a snow shower to pass through, we made what I would think was the first Turbine Jet flight off a frozen lake in Ireland with the Boomerang !

Very easy to taxi around and just takeoff and land wherever you want, better than any WWII runway !

Skis were made for the Prangster for Sunday morning, wheels could still be used as it was only a small layer of snow on the Ice, but how often do we get a chance to fit Skis !

Really impressed how well they worked, even at idle the model was trying to move, landing was very similar to water in that it was a series of bounces if you didnt get it right, landings need to be three pointers to get it to slide along.

All the toys came out, biggest model car track you can get with nothing to hit. So long as your battery and receivers are sealed up the snow is much better than mud and cleans the car for you as it melts on the floor of your car on the way home :-)

Stanleys Baja with lights turned on and my Rex X.

The Resident Ducks only have a small pool to paddle in, and someone must have made this for them as the ice at the edge of the water is 4" thick and they will be glad when it thaws.

But we are hoping the big freeze will last another month, as we have a great new flying site ! If we are lucky we might get out next weekend but the temps look to be rising.

 * * * * * *


Sunday 3rd January 2010

Snow and Ice prevented much flying over the Xmas holidays, a few of us got out for the first bit of flying in 2010 on New Years Day, but it was the first Sunday of the new year that had the usual faces turning up, and plenty of flying was done when the fingers were not frozen stiff!

The snow never seems to stay long at the airstrip being low lying, so no ski's needed, but the ground was still frozen hard.

Only new Santa model seen so far was Ciarans Flash, maybe more will appear soon.

 * * * * * *


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