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Club Gallery 2009

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Sunday 13th December 2009

The high pressure eventually came back and we got some very good flying over the weekend, with eleven of the club members turning up on Sunday with about 25 models.

There is always something new happening/appearing at LMFC, and on Sunday Andrew brought a para trike model which Chris put through its paces, it attracted a bit of interest and I expect we will see more appearing shortly !

 * * * * * *


28/29th November 2009

Poor weekend for flying as the fog never lifted on Saturday and it was bitter cold on Sunday with the strong NE wind.

Stanley still managed a quick circuit with his new 50cc Petrol powered Extra 330L

 * * * * * *


Saturday 14th November 2009

Prangster formation flying with Shane & Chris, as you can expect with flying this close there was the odd colision or two, especially when coming up the runway low and slow.

Great thing about the prangster is you just pick it up and go again.

This even applies when you park it on the hedge or fly into a tree which Shane managed to do a few times on Saturday.

Its in there somewhere !

Sorry for poor quality pics, it was starting to get dark !

 * * * * * *


Halloween Night 31st October 2009

On the Night of Halloween,
A strange sight at Carnone was Seen,
When you looked at the Moon,
It was'nt a Witch on a Broom,
But a Prangster with its lights Red and Green :-)

 * * * * * *



Bank Holiday Monday 26th October 2009

The nice weather with low winds for the Bank Holiday Monday was good and well received, especially after the horrible wet and windy weekend.

A great days flying was had at Carnone with the good turnout.

Flying continued even after it was Dark and I mean Dark it was black! Four of the prangsters had been fitted with lights, and luckily we also had the lights in the hangar to see to start them up.

The four prangsters took to the skies with the lights showing up well. The runway was lit with a big torch to aid landings and good fun was had.
Everyone found it easy enough so long a you could see the lights, as different from Nav lights on fullsize, they need to be seen from behind as well.
We will be watching the papers for reports of UFO sightings :-)

Some interesting flying shots shown below

 * * * * * *


Sunday 4th October 2009

With the Cancellation of Ballykelly at the last minute, some of us decided to do some Jet flying at letterkenny instead.

Turned out to be a great days flying and non stop all day right through to dark, when it was time to get out the Funjets with the Lights On

Total of 6 jets (one not shown) flew all day with many gallons of Kero burned ! conditions were perfect with a nice wind on the 25 runway.

Harry Landing his Boomerang, it hardly had time to cool and it was back in the air again and earned him Top Gun honours with the most Jet flights of the day.

My Boomerang coming in for a landing, I like to land on one wheel at a time to save tire wear :-)

Flightline was very busy at times with five or six flying, everyone enjoying the great conditions.

Shaun waiting for an opertunity to fly his extra if Gordon will give him the transmitter back!

Bob Parkinson F15 Ducted fan also flew, powered by a OS91 and Ramtec fan

Prangsters were also out in force, I think the lads had about five up at one stage and poor Harry got caught in the middle of it with his Carden Yak. That's him staying up high in the picture below.

 * * * * * *


Sunday 13th Sept 2009

Best weekends flying for a long time, lot of flying done on Sunday, Peter and Clem Lamb from Belfast came down for a days flying and had a good day. Too much flying, chatting and eating so forgot to take any pics :-( Why do you always remember at the end of the day!

The Boomerang has had a make over, looks a wee bit different now :-)

 * * * * * *


Monday 31st Aug 2009

Monday eve the last of August turned out good for a change and 7 of the members had the same idea of going to the field for a flight.
Lets hope September brings in some better weather.

 * * * * * *


Sunday 16th Aug 2009

Sunday was very windy and a bit wet at times, but the usual motley crew still got some flying.
I think Gordon is having a little prayer so that he dos'nt run out of fuel again!

The hangar was very useful and well jammed up when it rained.
Jets are now getting very common in the Letterkesh club! Three boomerangs, an L39 and a Harpoon all flew in the strong wind.
It was a certain blue & yellow Boomerang, that got the most Jet flights on the Day :-)

The big petrols also got a few flights

Clubs newest members Seamus and Ciaran Gibson flying their prangster complete with a whistling bomb release !

Relaxing in the evening and dry under Cecils new gazbo, waiting on Harry to cook diner !

 * * * * * *

Kesh Flying 9th Aug 2009

Cecils new big 97" Hanger 9 Sukhoi SU26 fitted with an Evo 80cc engine.
First flight went perfect under the hands of Mr. McCrea, great looking aeroplane.

My Stearman nearlly bit the dust on Sunday, On the second flight the rudder came off due to a bad batch of Robart hinges !
Luckily I was able to land it again with the rudder disconnected

 * * * * * *

Saturday 8th Aug 2009

Nice day on Saturday and a few of us got some flying done, few more flights clocked up on the Boomerang, just amazed how slow and short it can land.

 * * * * * *

Blackhill Flying 2nd Aug 2009

Some Jet flying at Blackhill (Draperstown) on Sunday

My Ex Phelim Lundy Boomerang had it's first few flights and all went good, much slower to land than the Bobcat, ideal for short strips.

Nigel had a nice new Hype to test fly and was fitted with a OS90 four stroke.

Roberts really nice and Big Bell 47G Heli fitted with a 23cc petrol engine

 * * * * * *

Kesh Flying 19th July 2009

Harry's new Hanger 9 Carden Yak fitted with a DA50
he looks very pleased and why would'nt he be !

Harry's and Cecils Carden Yaks

 * * * * * *

10th July 2009

Stanleys New Black Horse Yak 54 67" span fitted with a CRRC Pro 26cc Petrol (why? because the Sukhoi below is dead!)

 * * * * * *

June 2009

Stanleys Global Models Sukhoi with a CRRC Pro 26cc petrol engine Unfortunatly spun in due to a Jammed servo !

 * * * * * *

5th June 2009

Bit of Jet flying on Friday night, George & Chris Irwin brought thier Boomerang down from Dungannon for its first flight.
Unfortunatly all three flights resulted in flame outs and Chris done very well to put the Boomerang back on the strip each time.

 * * * * * *

Indoor flying 3rd June 2009

Indoor flying in the "mother of all sheds" was great fun on wednesday night, the Yak managed to park (or is it hiding from Harry's wing) itself nicely behind the RSJ, just as well there is a ladder handy !

Christopher managed to lodge his wing near the roof, long stick needed to perswade it to come down to earth again.

 * * * * * *

3DX Ireland 16/17th May 2009

Very Proud moment for Letterkenny Model Fying Club as our own Shane McGirr takes the 2009 3DX crown at Craigavon.

Full details and pictures Here in the events Gallery

 * * * * * *

19th April 2009 Grant capell Fly-In go to Here for report


Easter Sunday 12th April 2009

Good amount of flying over the easter weekend, on Easter Sunday weekend even if a bit windy.

Glider towing was the order of the day, of course the prangster was the choosen tug !
A fixed towing ring was attached above the prangster wing just behind the CG and a releasable one fitted to the nose of the glider. Towline (builders line) was about 80ft long and fitted with a flag so it could be seen when released.

We first flew the prangster with just the towline dragging behind and it had no effect and was easy enough to land with it still attached if you kept it high over the fence :-)

We done the first few launch's with Shane running with the glider and letting go once the prangster was airborne. Christopher was on the Tug pilot and I flew the Glider, Mac was towline manager !

First few attempts were hairy enough with glider all over the sky until it was released.
We eventually got it toned down and had the best success with the glider being pulled along the ground and letting in fly on its own behind the tug.

Christophers Heli in a very unsual pose not seen very often :-)

Stans Panic after surviving clipping the fence and a dip in the ditch

 * * * * * *

15th March 2009

Lots of flying over the St.Patricks weekend, although it seemed to stay windy most of the time, just means the prangsters are out in force !

Johnny Sweeney having great fun with his new MS Composites wing

 * * * * * *
20th Feb 2009  

Got the strip cut today, looking great, think this is the earliest it has ever been cut, lets hope the ground stays dry !

 * * * * * *
15th Feb 2009  

Great turnout at kesh again on Sunday, this being the first real Sundays flying now for about a month, due to the poor weather.
Flying was non stop all day, strip was'nt empty once, think we had 6 Funjets going at one stage, one member however took a disliking to the wings but we wont mention who :-)

Shane (Kesh) had a real nice Tiger Moth to test fly, it was fitted with a OS26 four stroke, was really nice in the air.

Cecil had his New Raptor 90 powered by a pumped YS90 engine, big machine and a very fancy canopy.

Nickolas has a lovely Flair Attila fitted with a four stroke and really looked and sounded great on a flyby.

14th feb 2009  

Stanley Brought out his new Panic for a flight on Saturday, flys great and fitted with an Irvine 46

4th Jan 2009  

Great turnout at kesh on Sunday, the perfect conditions was dominated by electric models.
The Multiplex FunJets are the new craze, I think everyone has now got one.

My new FunJet at Kesh, not as fast as some of the others but goes well on the 2212-6 motor, 6x4 prop, 3cell 2200 same as used on the MS Composite Swift wing.
Went in on the second flight due to a faulty corona reciever and broke the nose off, bit of glue and paint and all together again!

Cecils Corsair (eflite?) comes with a Spektrum 5ch 2.4ghz radio, flys and looks really well.

Roberts really nice Bell 222 fuselage on a Trex 600. Fitted with retracts and lights, a proper helicopter!.

3rd Jan 2009  

Loads of great days flying at Letterkenny over the Christmas period, very cold but great flying weather. This was one of the days when we had gliders, helis, large models and Jets


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