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Club Gallery 2008

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29th November 2008  

Mark hovering his Raptor 30

My new F9F2 Panther EDF, comes retracts and a alloy housing fan unit which gives it a very relistic turbine whoosh when it passes.
700w on 3cells 3600mah

5th October 2008  

Weather was very kind again on Sunday despite a very wet week. (Who cares eh so long as Sunday is good!)
Good turnout of models and lots of good flying.

Perfect day to test fly the Seamaster, good thing about this model is the added bonus of being able to fit a undercarriage which allowed me to fly it at the strip before going to the water.

These are probably one of the best and most popular models for water use, but unfortunatly they are not made anymore. I was lucky to get this one from David McClean from Daves RC models who happened to come across a few at a show while in England.
It is fitted with a SC46, Plenty of power and it flys easily on about 1/3rd throttle. The 11x5apc prop is giving 13,000rpm so should come off the water easily.
It is a very docile, due to the wide cord and thick profile, it wont actually stall or drop a wing, with the elevator fully back it will just decend very gently in a left turn.

After a few flights it is nearly ready for the water at Eskragh Lough next Saturday after gear removal, fit the nose moulding and a final bit of waterproofing.

Shane prop hanging his 3D model (yes he can do it with aeroplanes as well!)

Andrews CMP Extra fitted with a SC70FS that he recently bought at the Omagh auction

28th September 2008  

We had a fantastic days flying on Sunday, weather was great and Robert, Harry, Gordon & Ken came along as well for some Jet flying.
Good turnout of club members and non stop flying until dark, pity I took no pictures other than the two L39's !

24th September 2008  

John Lukes spitfire that he bought at last years Omagh Auction for a Fiver !

Leo one of the clubs new members, after his first solo with his RMX 40 powered Prangster.
Leo has progressed very quickly and looks like he will be a very good flyer.

The old Prangster has proved itself again as being the ideal trainer, a student can attempt things much earlier than with a convention built up version, and can be allowed to attempt a landing at a very early stage.  Even if he gets it wrong, he wont be going home with a bag of balsa !

Someone said I bet you cant land the wing on the roof !
Stanley is always game to take up the challange !

14th September 2008  

Four of the LMFC members took part in the N.Ireland Aerobatics competion in New Buildings.
This was the first competion for most of them and they all done very well, despite not really knowing the scheduel and the poor weather.
10 flyers entered the clubman competion, John Luke came 9th Andrew was 7th Christopher got 6th and Shane came in 4th, which was excellent as Gordon mcCrea was third, Richard Mcmaster was 2nd and Robert Graham first all three much more experienced competion flyers.

7th September 2008  

Great days flying up at Kesh on Sunday, with a good turnout and selection of models

Cecil's beautiful Carden Aircraft Yak 54 with DA50 for power fitted and Spektrum 2.4ghz


31st August LMFC Autumn Fly-In go to Here for report

28th August 2008  

VMAR L39 Albatros Prop Jet on it's first outing, very stable flyer, SC52, 54" span, 6lb 9ozs.

20th JULY 2008  

One of the Worlds best 3D heli pilots Bobby Watts was in Ballymoney on Sunday

Bobby was over from the USA for the 3D masters in the UK and David Nolan rang to say come along and meet him, so Shane, Paul and Robin went for the day to see him fly.

Of course someone had to let the side down and was caught having a nap in the club house!

Drumquin Vintage Rally 21st June 2008  

We (bring the two young cubs as it was put) were asked to come along to the Drunquinn Vintage Rally with the Kesh lads and put on a bit of a display.
Mainly wing and helicopter flying as the space was limited in the GAA pitch.
We flew until about 4pm before the rain put us out !
Good shot below of shane's heli inverted & Low (is it ever the right way up!)

15th June 2008  

Sunday flying at Kesh, Helicopter Auto Rotating competions was the order of the day, upto four heli's in the sky queing up to Auto on a mat in the strip was interesting.
Robert and Shane were doing formation autos and sometimes going for the same mat!

1st June 2008  

A Fabulous days flying was had on Sunday, Conditions were as good as you can get, and everything from shockies to Turbine Jets flew all day.

We had four Turbine Jets clock up 14 flights between them, Harry had 7 of them with his boomerang, the Bobcat clocked up three. Everyone keen to get as many as possible before the Jet Fly-In next weekend at Midlands MFC.

The Bobcat caught going past by Robert

Not something seen much in Donegal a Umberella used to shade the sun.

Nigel getting his new magic ready for flight, yes that is Stanley on the flightline with the funny shorts !

Hi had a new wing to try out, the MS Composites Swift smaller that the Maxi Swift but very fast, well after it survived it's maiden bounce!

2212-6 motor, 6x4 apc prop, 320Watts on a 3 cell lipo, fairly high power to weight for a 450g model.

25th May 2008  

We had a bit of a Jet Gathering on Sunday, Robert had his new Graupner Harpoon to test fly, Harry had the boomerang and I brought the Bobcat

Robert in the middle of start up for the first flight.
The Harpoon is fitted with a Wren 54 with thrust vectoring!
First flight went very well despite it being very windy.

The insides of the Harpoon. Robert has fitted it with Spektrum 2.4Ghz using the AR9100 which has dual battery inputs and 4 receivers with a data log.
The data log fitted is very clever as it logs any signal losses or fades found, and they can be display after the flight for each reciever.
He is also using three JR matchboxes to configure the servos.

18th May 2008  

A few of us went on a another visist to Kesh on Sunday,
great days flying once again.

Everyone relaxing and enjoying the flying

Gordon coaxing Shane down for a inverted photo

Is this low enough !

11th May 2008  

We had a few visitors from the Kestral Club on Sunday.
Fantastic days flying with superb conditions.

Jets R Us, Gordon brought his Wren 44 powered Savex L39 along with his turbine heli and Harry brought his P80 powered Boomerang.

Robert brought an old favourite from the past, his 1/3rd scale Byron Pitts, first seen at letterkenny in the old days back in 1991, still looks as good as it did then. Now flying on 2.4Ghz

Robert, Harry and Gordon flying thier electric helis.
The Heli's are all there somewhere !

7th May 2008  

Had another night off the water at Trusk, wind was coming from SE over the hill and trees and made the flying a bit hairy ! Coulter flew overhead and took this aerial shot while we were there.

1st May 2008  

First trials of floatplane flying off Trusk Lough, Ballybofey.
Great spot with its own jetty/fliteline and easy to retrieve models if they stop or go for a dunk!
Stanley dusted of his old Ripmax Trainer fitted some floats and a OS55AX and had his first flights off water. It flew great and very stable on the water.
My Prangster flew too as did the electric Wilga, fresh back from thier testing on Eskragh Lough at the weekend.


20th April 2008 Grant capell Fly-In go to Here for report

19th April 2008  

Stanleys new Cessena 310 twin on it's maiden flight, really looks the part in the sky.

90" wing span and fitted with 2 x VMAR 61's with ST carbs, each pod has it's own fuel tank servo and glow system.
Stanley also fitted a set of Jet legend air up/spring down retracts along with working nav and landing lights.

13th April 2008  

A few of us went to visit the lads at Kesh, weather was great and a good turnout of modellers

Robert had a the new Chris Foss Wot Trainer ARTF to test fly for a customer, usual Chriss Foss quality and goes together without glue and flew very well with a OS55AX

Shane about to give another superb 3D display, done a bit of grass trimming as well!

Flight line was non stop all day, Christopher is in there somewhere flying my PrangME109

17th March 2008  

St Patricks Day Turnout had 12 aeroplanes and four Helicopters

Shane (now known as tic tock McGirr) and his new Raptor 50
(the 30 size one could'nt keep up with him)
He gave us a 3D display many heli pilots would be proud of, not bad for his 9th week !

My big Stearman on a fly by

17th February 2008  

Sunday's model selection

My CML Hawk lit up with the sun on Sunday

Shane on a knife edge pass with the PT19

26cc petrol edge just about to touch down

3rd February 2008  

My CML Electric Ducted Fan Hawk after first flight, fly's very well on a 3 cell 1800 lipo.

27th January 2008  

Latest Craze for the winter, War Bird Prangsters !!
Zero, ME109 & Spitfire

Let the battle commence !!

Zeroster with MDS 40

Stanleys Spitster with OS55AX

My PrangME109 SC46

Shane and his Raptor doing nose in hovers, circuits and piroettes after 3 weeks !

Christopher's Kyosho ME109 Irvine 53

13th January 2008  

Andrews Seagul PC9 very nice flyer.

Christopher Hovering his Hirobo Skedu 50 on his first day out.

Christopher's bright Orange Prangster.


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