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Club Gallery 2007

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11th November 2007  

Shanes Seagul PT19 Fairchild with Irvine 53 Looking very Atmospheric

4th November 2007  

Doodle Bug flying outside till dark

launching Andrews Tigershark

21st October 2007  

My Bobcat fitted with a JetJoe 1400 turbine.
Model Weighs 9lb dry. Originaly was designed for a pusher prop.

Close up of the Jetjoe Turbine installation

23rd September 2007  

Stanleys T240, the grass strip started to come around as the year went on.

My Stearman in a nice landing shot

The Landing was perfect (he says) apparently it hit a bump on the runway ! Flair Spitfire now re engined with a ST2500

My 75" ST2500 Corsair ready to attack, menacing looking from this angle

The Corsair being chased by the Spit

15th September 2007  

My Stearman and Shanes Fairchild at Dungannon

8th September 2007  

My Great Planes PT17 Stearman 1/5th scale 74"
25cc Super Tigre, 18x6 prop - First Flight.

1st September 2007  

Stanleys Shuttle now fitted with a hughes bodyshell and lots of lighting bling !

Stanleys ex Mathew Poots Cap232 Moki 35

27th August 2007  

Some of the Flyers from the Earhart Club in Burt came to visit

John and Arthur about to fly the GP 1/3 scale Christian Eagle

19th June 2007  

Me & Stanley Get the JetJoe Turbine powered AMD Hawk ready for it's maiden flight one tuesday evening at enniskillen aided (or was it hampered) by the Northern Ireland Jet Team

The Hawk after it's first flight.

My ex Phelim Lundy Great Planes F14 Prop Jet HP61GC, Mech Retracts, Very Stable flyer

GP F14 taking off from the tarmac

Cathal getting some coaching from the Aero Master

31st March 2007  

First cutting of the new grass strip along side the tarmac, Fantastic Weather, you would'nt think this was 31st March, strip has got better and better as the year went on and should be in great nick for the 2008 season.

Model Turnout on the day of the first cut of the new strip, glorious weather for March

My PMC BAE Hawk Prop Jet with HP61GC unfortunatly bit the dust when one elevator failed in flight, will be replaced as the kit is to be re-launched by PMC.

doing it Inverted !

Stanleys T240 tests out the newly cut strip,
not bad for a first cut in march

Andrews Skymaster push me pull me twin

25th February 2007  

My Old scratch built Tiger Moth been flying since about 1989 and on it's 4th engine, presently fitted with a ASP 80FS

Looks real in this shot

early February 2007  

That's not the wing of roys prangster but a Full size C42 !

coming over the trees inverted

Christophers Seagul Spacewalker 2, Irvine 53


Andrews Panic biplane

Christophers Prangster



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