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Club Models Presently Under Construction

You will need to scroll down for new pics in this section.


1/4 scale Pietenpol Air Camper  
1/4 scale scratch built model of the 1930's homebuilt Air Camper.

The Pietenpol Air Camper is an all wood two seat aeroplane 29ft span and very much a big model aeroplane in the way it is Constructed.

Model will be built as the fullsize using the fullsize drawings for as much as practical.

Approx 87" span, OS Gemini 120FS engine, Hitec 5625/645MG servos and JR/Frsky telemetry in the scheme shown

Plans were drawn up in autocad and printed out on the plotter.
two Sides jig built as the fullsize contruction

Pilot trying the seat for size

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *


1/2 scale Bleriot XI  

Seamus OD's 1/2 scale Bleriot project finally on the way, span is 173" (14ft 5") and about 12ft long, engine not decided yet but probably in the 100cc range with a reduction gear to swing a 41" prop.

Pic of the Shuttleworths fullsize version on the left, in case you dont know what a Bleriot is (shame on you).
General photos will be posted here through construction, full online build can be found on the RC Groups Forum

Main fuselage starting to go together, rear fuselage section removed here so it can fit on the bench !

The Completed tail section which is joined to the main fuselage by short lengths of box section (which is scale by the way!)

Completed Rudder big about 18" sq

The Seat

Completed tailwheel assembly

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *


1/3rd Scale Piper Super Cub  

Balsa USA 1/3rd scale 12ft wingspan SuperCub

Engine will be Zenoah 62cc

Fuselage covered, glazing and detail next.

Wings are nearly 6ft alone, alot of covering

Fuselage detail work can be seen here

Along with all the wing tanks, rib tapes & stitching.

Now completed and ready for paint


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